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15 minutes. Our complimentary Postpartum Wellness Check-In is your first step in your Postpartum planning. Simply sign up below and let us know your due date. We will call you shortly after your expected delivery and provide you with answers to questions, links to services, and access to emotional, physical, and nutritional support. If you have taken our Planning for Postpartum Wellness class, we will review your individualized plan and help you stay committed to, or adjust, your plan.

Our pre-natal “Planning for Postpartum Wellness” class prepares women for what they themselves will experience when they bring their baby home. So much thought and attention is directed towards planning for your baby's needs, often we neglect to put thought and attention towards what we, as mothers, will need when we bring our babies home. Having a baby is a dramatic life changer, and we believe that knowing what to expect and having support in place will improve your experience of motherhood.

30 minutes. We know that up to 85% of postpartum mothers suffer from the baby blues, and as many as 1 in 7 women experience a more serious postpartum mood disorder. This is a biologically vulnerable time. Our experienced therapist provides screening for postpartum mood disorders, and further assessment and diagnosis if indicated. We provide women the opportunity to process their experience of becoming a mother and address the many issues that often arise during this time. We believe this time is an opportunity to make changes that will improve your experience of motherhood. Home visits available.

15 minutes. Our Pilates instructor provides individual or group Pilates instruction built specifically for the postpartum woman. She educates and assists in the pelvic floor and abdominal rehabilitation process. Home visits available.

Our certified Nutrition Consultant will provide opportunities to learn and adapt healthy eating habits.  We believe establishing these habits from the beginning will build a strong foundation for a health lifestyle not only for the mother but for the family as a whole. Home visits available.

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