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Our pre-natal “Planning for Postpartum Wellness” class prepares women for what they themselves will experience when they bring their baby home. So much thought and attention is directed towards planning for your baby's needs, often we neglect to put thought and attention towards what we, as mothers, will need when we bring our babies home. Having a baby is a dramatic life changer, and we believe that knowing what to expect and having support in place will improve your experience of motherhood.

After our time together, you will develop an understanding of the important components of maternal health. You will leave this class with a plan for postpartum wellness that is tailored to your individual strengths and needs.

Topics include:

  • Managing birth plan expectations

  • Changing relationship with partner

  • The value of "Me Time" and other sources for strength

  • The importance of sleep and nutrition in recovery and long term health

  • The types of common mental health problems and when to ask for help

  • Exercises that speed and improve the pelvic floor and abdominal rehabilitation

Class details:

Tuesday, August 28

10:00am - 11:30am

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