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We are two mothers who connected over our shared passion for maternal wellness and our desire to support women and their partners as they adjust to new parenthood. Veteran professionals in our individual fields, we both became specialists in perinatal issues. After many passionate conversations about the unmet needs of new mothers, and the isolation and pain this can cause, we decided to work together to provide more opportunities for awareness and support. We strongly believe that the combination of services we offer will greatly assist women in their transition to becoming a mother for the first time and beyond.  We are very excited to start this journey with you. 


Emilee utilizes her training and expertise in nutrition to optimize a woman’s recovery based on individual needs as well as the special nutritional considerations for the new mother. Her experience in therapeutic body work and postpartum Pilates targets the pelvic floor and other areas compromised by the experience of childbirth. Her passion for helping women, thoughtfulness in designing individual recovery protocols, and engaging and vibrant personality make the work fun and inspiring.


Claire Sebastian

Claire is a skilled psychotherapist with over 15 years experience who specializes in diagnosing and treating perinatal mood disorders, including postpartum depression and anxiety. Additionally, she assists women with their emotional adjustment to new motherhood, including the common baby blues, as well as issues that arise with this major life change such as relationship challenges, identity shifts, and work-life balance issues. Her perspective as a mother herself, sense of humor, and warm personality provide an environment of comfort and safety to heal and grow.



Our pre-natal “Planning for Postpartum Wellness” class prepares women for what they themselves will experience when they bring their baby home.


  • Postpartum Wellness Check-in

  • Postpartum Wellness Classes

  • Postpartum Depression Screening

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


  • Postpartum Wellness Check-in

  • Postpartum Wellness Classes

  • Physical Training

  • Nutritional


Emilee Wise
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